Another night of BBC play Part 2

Another night of BBC play! Pt.1

Had a a little get together with a couple of my BBC bt’s….as you can see by the pics…a good time was to be had ;0) Enjoy!

Mrs. FTH

My BBC BT came over last night to play with me. It was sooooo hot…I made him cum 3 times. It felt so fucking good and I made my cuck take pics so that I could share my hot fuck with all of you! Hope you enjoy ;)

I just love when my fucktoys cum over and spread their seed all over me…

So I haven’t seen my 26 yr old Italian BT in awhile. Last night we got in touch and made a date for Sunday. I just texted him and asked if 6:00 was ok for him to cum over and fuck my ass…he said hell yeah…can I cum in your ass too? Lol…can’t wait to c him! Here’s a set of from the last time we were together…

A night of fucking with some of my BBC toys!

So I met a new, young, bull up north while on vacation. We had been talking for months….flirting….sexting…I was anxious to meet him. We got a hotel room and my hubby took off for the local watering hole down the street. The intention was for us to go to the same bar and he watch us from afar…we go back to the room…he meet us back there later. That was the intention….lol…my young stud showed up and we headed straight for the hotel room. It didn’t take but 10 min before we had our clothes off and our hands all over each other. I texted my hubby and told him that we might not be making it to the bar…he decided to cum right over. Here is a little of what he walked into…

San Francisco BBC

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Another BBC party my hotwife enjoyed last month!

Another fun night of hotwifing.

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A little fun from last night.

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